A Quick And Brief Guide to A Host of Entrance Exams Open To Indian Students

The M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) entrance exam is fast becoming a very popular degree among Indian students, who see it as a ticket to high flying corporate level jobs. It is a widely taken Entrance exam in India. There are a host of MBA entrance examination options available to an Indian student who wishes to pursue an M.B.A. degree.

The most well-known out of these M.B.A. entrance exams is the C.A.T. or the Common Aptitude Test, which is a test, managed by the Indian Institutes of Management. It is important for prospective candidates to secure a sufficiently high percentile in the CAT in order for them to be called to one of these prestigious institutes to appear for an interview and participate in a group discussion session.

A potential candidate for this MBA entrance examination must possess a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of fifty percent marks from a College or University which is recognized by the University Grants Commission. Axis Bank will be giving out the forms for the CAT examination for a price of rupees thirteen hundred.

The CAT exam is divided into four distinct sessions which comprise of a verbal section, resolving problems, reading and comprehension and data interpretation.

The pattern of the questions is altered every year by the Indian Institutes of Management in order to avoid predictability. There are a number of coaching centers a student can enroll in, in order to prepare for the CAT. These places prepare the student for specific challenges and sharpen their problem solving abilities. They also help a student realize the importance of pacing and timing by making them solve a number of mock examinations within the allotted time span.

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